‚ÄčSocial media and social responsibility is ever changing and the team at 17 will manage this important aspect of your career. The importance of your social profile cannot be under estimated and it is vital that your communication is managed effectively. The 17 team will:

Oversee your social media channels and website

From building and managing your website, to overseeing after your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube channel, Google+, blog accounts etc., we will ensure that your social communication is consistent, clear and concise

Manage your charity involvement

We will manage all of your charitable work and donations and ensure that you partner with appropriate worthwhile good causes

Manage your fan interaction and requests

We will deal with all fan requests, such as autographs, requests for personal items etc. We can arrange competitions and fan interaction through Facebook Live, Google hangouts, Twitter Q&A's etc

Develop your range of merchandise

We can develop, design and manufacture your own range of branded merchandise and sell it directly to your supporters

Whatever your sport, working with 17 will benefit you. Are you interested? Then please get in touch.