In this fast moving world of 24 hour news and social media, it is important that your message is clear, concise and consistent. The 17 team will:

Manage your communication strategy

Consistency is key and our team will manage your media output to ensure that you remain "on message". We can arrange media training if required

Develop and manage your media relations

Your relationship with the media is very important, the 17 team will work with you and our extensive media contact list to develop and manage your media involvement

Increase your media profile, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, on-line

We will work with our network of media contacts to maximise your exposure. Opportunities exist on television and radio panels, interviews, talk shows, game shows and more. There are press and media opportunities with newspapers, magazine and online outlets all eager for stories and with space to fill

Whatever your interests, working with 17 will benefit you and will lead to increased media exposure. Are you interested? Please get in touch.