The 17 team are fully aware of the importance of maximising the clients earning potential. In this highly competitive area, we will assist you with:

Contract negotiations

Our team will represent you and negotiate contracts on your behalf, to ensure that your talent and status is fully recognised and that all of your interests are protected

Commercial opportunities

We will seek to maximise all sponsorship and endorsement opportunities, taking into account your preferences and interests, whilst prioritising your profession, training and competition at all times

Personal appearances

We will pro-actively seek personal appearance and speaking opportunities that will increase your profile. 17 are able to assist clients with their presentations and arrange both public speaking and media training 

Financial management and legal assistance

Our clients have full access to our accountants and legal team who will provide support and advice where required

Administration and secretarial support

Our administrative team can provide a full secretarial and personal assistance service

Travel and logistics

Our team can assist with your travel and logistical arrangements; plane, car, train, hotels, transfers etc.

Whatever your sport, working with 17 will reduce the outside influences on your career allowing you to focus on your career. Are you interested? Please get in touch.