about 17

With a total commitment to putting the interests of the client first at all times, 17 is a management company ideally placed to advise you and manage all aspects of your career.  Whatever your professional career involves, our aim is on removing all of your outside influences and stresses to allow you to focus. The 17 team will:

  • establish the culture and create the right environment to allow you to perform to your optimum

  • liaise with your coaching and support teams, performance director and governing bodies to ensure an integrated approach to your career development (for sports clients)

  • seek to maximise your commercial opportunities
  • represent you in all contract negotiations
  • co-ordinate your personal appearances 
  • manage your communication strategy
  • develop and manage media relations to increase your profile
  • oversee your social media channels and website
  • offer advice, support, financial management and legal assistance
  • provide administration and secretarial support
  • handle your travel and logistics 
  • manage your charity involvement
  • handle your fan interactions and requests

If you are interested to know more about how working with 17 will benefit you then please get in touch